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T-Shirts Available for Backyard Deer Hunting

New T-shirts are available in a “Backyard Deer Hunting” printing with

Backyard Deer Hunting T-Shirt.
Backyard Deer Hunting T-Shirt.

the book cover printed on the back and “Backyard Deer Hunting” across the front. The new Ts are available in M, L, Ex. L and XXL. The price for a single shirt is $20. Send check to Fulfillment, 1325 Jordan Mill Pond Rd., Sandersville, GA 31082.

  This T-shirt is intended, like my book, for those millions of hunters for whom taking a trophy animal is of secondary importance compared to harvesting deer, and other game, for food. This T-shirt also says that the person who wears it advocates hunting to improve the environment and improving  the  health of the deer population by reducing their numbers in urban areas.

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