Practical Bowfishing brings record prices

Recent listings on offer Practical Bowfishing (Stoeger,

Last chance for an inexpensive copy of bowfishing book.

Last chance for an inexpensive copy of bowfishing book.

2004) for prices that range from $90-125. Stoeger quit publishing and marketing outdoor books last year, and my and other author’s books were withdrawn. In the back of Backyard Deer Hunting is an ad for my bowfishing book. If you send me a purchase receipt for Backyard Deer and a check for $20.00, I will mail you a copy of Practical Bowfishing  for as long as copies last.  These are new books, taken from their original shipping cartons. The book with many fewer photos, but with a new chapter “Bowfishing Across North America” is now also available as an E-book and may be ordered from the iBookstore for $8.99 by using the link below.

 As with Backyard Deer I cover bowfishing from choosing basic equipment, rigging a bowfishing boat, the species to be taken and conclude with instructions for cleaning and cooking the fish. There is also a section on taking “supersized” fish like 300-pound alligator gar and alligators. Alligator hunting at night using a bow and arrow is one of the most exciting hunting opportunities offered in North America.

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