Backyard Deer Hunting Video Clip

  Above is a four-minute video of Backyard Deer Hunting: Converting deer to dinner for pennies per pound. While this clip cannot cover all the points that I make it the book, it does mention the major topics.

  A significant advantage in watching the video is that you will see the original color photography, insted of the black and white versions of these images that were printed in the book. Be patient, this video may take a few minutes to upload, but it will be worth the wait.   

  The bottom line  is that almost anyone can inexpensively, legally and ethically hunt, kill, process, cook and eat deer and other wild game.  Backyard Deer Hunting  will show you how to do all that and save money in the process. This narriated clip will allow you to determine if this book is for you.

Enjoy your view.
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